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10 November 2022

Village attacked after a military convoy hit a landmine


Sin Inn Gyi


Sin Inn Gyi fires

On 10 November 2022, State Administrative Council (SAC) military vehicles were reportedly impacted (source redacted for privacy reasons) by Arakan Army (AA) landmines near Sin Inn Gyi village (ဆင်အင်းကြီး) Ponnagyun township, Rakhine state, while delivering food to their troops, allegedly killing an unknown number of SAC soldiers.

Later that same day, reports indicate that Sin Inn Gyi village was shot at from a distance, set on fire (source redacted for privacy reasons) and several villagers were allegedly killed by SAC troops during a raid, calling it a retaliation attack. More claims from Myanmar Now state there were further potential drone and shelling attacks that resulted in additional casualties (two deaths and five injured), but this is yet to be confirmed.

The casualties, between 8 and 10 villagers, reportedly had knife and gunshot wounds to their bodies, with 7 to 10 homes burned. The bodies were claimed to have been found the next day on 11 November 2022. The SAC troops were noted as being from LIB 550, with potential involvement possible from LIB 344 (stationed in Sittwe). Reports claiming they fired from a base in Ponnagyun Town, right after the landmine impacted the SAC food truck.

The AA stated they had utilised landmines due to the SAC’s imposed restrictions on land and waterway travel in northern Rakhine state, causing harm to local communities. As of yet, the SAC has not responded to this claimed attack on Sin Inn Gyi village.

The occurrence of both of these events on the same day supports the view that they are linked, with SAC retaliation against Sin Inn Gyi village being a likely assertion following the landmine impact. However, it is noted that there are no verified reports or footage to show that the AA were stationed in Sin Inn Gyi village or that the villagers killed were connected to the AA targeted attack nearby, calling into question the reasoning for the attack against Sin Inn Gyi village occurring.

On 11 November 2022, the United League of Arakan (ULA) - the political wing of the AA, released a statement declaring the SAC’s LIB 550 responsible for the attack on Sin Inn Gyi Village. Further, a 16 November 2022 BBC report stated that nine village administrators allegedly resigned due to the military clashes in Ponnagyun township, just days after this attack in Sin Inn Gyi village.

Read Myanmar Witness' report for more information.

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