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23 May 2021

Demoso protests and the military's response


Daw Ta Wi


Demoso protests and conflict

Demoso became a site of conflict between the Myanmar military and local defence forces (including KNDF and KA) following protests in the region in May 2021. By March 2022 civilian infrastructure had been destroyed and thousands of people displaced. Between the 5-10 March, conflict in Demoso escalated, causing more people to leave their homes in order to go to safer locations.

Attacks led to the destruction of civilian infrastructure, including a church, houses and a school. Images verified by Myanmar Witness shows the destroyed No. 2 Basic Education Primary School in Demoso Township on 7 March 2021 and aerial photos showed burning houses in Saung Du Ywar Thit.

The events in Demoso reflect a pattern that Myanmar Witness has reported on in a number of investigations: sites of resistance and protest have become the target of military activity. In many of these cases, fire appears to have been against the civilian population. A fire map detailing fires in Myanmar can be found on our website.

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